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Cooling Pad
Aolan 5090

- Over 82% evaporation efficiency!

- Best selling point: No Benzene and formaldehyde, No strong smell, better than Munters!!

- High density, high absorption, good glue

- All AOLAN evaporative air cooler use AOLAN made cooling pad. Australia brand evaporative cooler also use our cooling pad.

- Price is competitive with much better quality

Good quality, good water absorption, good evaporation efficiency, using long fiber paper, long light time, no benzene

Aolan evaporative cooling pad working principle

The heat which is needed for water evaporation is taken from the air itself. According to this principle, when water flows down the corrugated surface of Aolan evaporative cooling pad, there is a water film; the water in film is evaporated by absorbing heat in air which passes through the pad. And the air that leaves the pad is therefore cooled and humidified by large of latent heat is taken away.

Evaporative cooling pad performance and characteristics

1. Aolan evaporative cooling pad is made by import raw material, characterised by super wetting properties, high wet strength, no mildew, long life time, etc.

2. When it is installed, it has advantages of having large evaporation surface, high evaporation efficiency, low pressure drop, etc.

3. In the meantime, it removes dust particles in air--removal efficiency for PM10>90%, removal efficiency for PM2.5>40%

4. It can be used for many different cooling purposes, such as workshop, animal husbandry, greenhouse, gardening, etc.



Model: 5090
Dimension (H x W x D x h) (mm): ≤2170 x ≤1000 x 50-200 x 5

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